What do you need to do if you do not have development opportunities at work?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Lack of career opportunities is one of the most common reasons to leave the workplace. So what can we do in this situation when we want to progress?

1. If you have not done so yet: identify the ideal picture of yourself at the next stage. Examples:

• Operations Director in an international company with a team of more than 100 people

• senior partner at a law firm “X”

• Head of marketing for the current company

• 4 days I work as a Senior sales manager, and 1 day I do arts

2. Try to understand what you need to develop for the next role. Skills and behavior. To do this, look at the example of the desired vacancies and see the requirements for the positions.

3. Build your self-development plan and follow it. It can be your company’s template not to duplicate it. It can also save you time.

  • You do not have experience in project management? Talk to your manager about participating in the project or leading it.

  • No experience with the strategy? Ask yourself whenever there is a new strategy in the department/company: what would I do if I were the owner of this business? And put your thoughts on paper. This can turn into a good scenario for an interview (when we do not have experience in something in the past, we can use scenarios saying that we would do it that way).

  • Check what resources are available at your current workplace.

  • Sign up for webinars, master classes.

  • Offer your leadership in the project, suggest the idea of ​​process optimization.

  • Take part in company events as a speaker, as a consultant.

Regardless of the company. This is your plan. You will put all your efforts to be ready for your next role, anyway. And then it will be easier to step into a new career journey.

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