The Power of Networking

Updated: Apr 27

Being a mentor has without a doubt helped me understand myself better and on a whole new level.

It has reminded me who I am, and what my purpose is. There are so many things that I could share with you but in this blog post, I wanted to simply focus on the power of networking and how it can help you to succeed. Plus, how networking has helped me to become a successful mentor and to gain clarity.

I started my networking journey when I met an amazing, friendly, and supportive group of peers that encouraged me to start attending events. Thanks to the Delenta team, I registered for the Like-minded females programme founded by Sonya Barlow.

The outcome was incredible, the whole experience introduced me to new connections, insights, knowledge, and experience. Still to this day I feel so happy with my decision to start networking, as it makes me feel so satisfied and fulfilled.

This is just a reminder that you never know what new people can bring into your life, so it is worth always leaving the door open to new opportunities!

Why is Networking Important?

Networking is so important in order to gain great working relationships, find potential clients and increase your confidence. It should be an essential factor in your career growth and job search strategy. Networking also helps you to develop new skills and learn from others within your industry.

I love networking, but I understand that some find this extremely daunting. The more you do it, the easier it will become and trust me, you will see positive results from stepping outside your comfort zone.

Here are some tips to help you if you are new to networking.

Before you start - research the right event

Think about the people you would like to network with and meet in your industry. The research is just as important as actually attending the event. For example, if you have a niche within the Health & Fitness industry, you wouldn’t necessarily choose to attend a science-based panel.

Searching for networking events within your industry will ensure you have plenty to discuss, and the event won’t seem as intimidating to you, as you know that you will have lots of information to share.

Some examples of ways to find networking events either online or near you are through and Eventbrite. But also check out the people you already have as connections, because some people you already know might host workshops that you can go to or help you with recommendations.

Preparation is Key

Usually breaking the ice is the one of the most daunting parts of networking events, so ensure you are prepared. One of my top tips with this is by having an ‘elevator pitch’ ready for when people ask you what you do.

Elevator pitches are designed to be short, sweet, straight to the point and informative. For example, if someone asks you what you do, instead of saying ‘Oh, I’m just a career coach’ you can say ‘I’m a career coach who helps motivate businesswomen to reach their goals by creating successful strategies to implement!’ – this sounds much more exciting! It’s important to also prepare asking the people you meet questions. Always show interest, not just in work but by also showing an interest in their hobbies and interests.

After the event - follow up

There is no point in attending a networking event, meeting lots of interesting people and advertising your services, to not take any action. After the event, feel free to jot down the people you met that you’d like to chat to further. Do this as soon as the event has ended so it’s fresh in your mind. Once you have a list of these people, prepare a friendly outreach email or direct message to ask them if they’d like to connect with you. Including something personal that they told you in the follow up, so they know that you were listening to them and that this is real human interaction – not just a copy and paste message.

By implementing these tips, you will feel much more relaxed when you sign up to networking events, plus you will find that the event is a success!

Networking events are a perfect way of finding new clients and even by making great working relationships with the people you meet – these friendships can create referrals which expands on your outreach. You will become noticed, known in your industry and as a result more successful.

I hope these tips help you, and you are feeling ready to take that important step and start networking!

Let me know if you have any questions about networking by contacting me here and I’m happy to help!

Katya x

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