Team ritual.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We have our morning rituals: yoga, jogging, reading, or a piece of something delicious before the start of the working day. It brings us joy, energy, good mood.

But do we have team rituals within the team?

There is often no time for this, but believe me, you will not regret it if you will start it.

You are a manager: invite the team to think and brainstorm ideas for a team ritual. Thus, you will involve the team and show them your trust. The feeling of belonging to the team will lead to a level of engagement, building trust between the participants.

You are a member of the team: bring it to your manager. Take the initiative, be prepared to lead, structure your vision, and start.


  • Every Friday, hold an informal meeting on various topics (how to get out of stress, how to take care of your mental health, how to balance work and family etc.)

  • Each working meeting can be led by different team members, not only the manager

  • Coffee breaks or fresh breaks - when you discuss together what you learned this week.

  • Once a week, “lunch and learn”

  • Book club, how do you like it?

  • Cinema club

  • Put all great ideas in online postcards and at the end of the year publish everything in a poster.

The main goal: to support your team and yourself in a situation of uncertainty, stress, and busyness. 30-60 minutes a week is not that much, but these minutes will bring value to you and your team. And do not forget that this is the activity for the team, carried out by the team (not just you).

And the last: there are situations when the manager does not support the initiative, does not devote time to building a culture in the team. In this case, my advice:

Set your mini ritual.

  • It is unlikely that they will forbid you to call a colleague and discuss a book as part of a book club, or a podcast during the lunch.

  • Every day, instead of walking for a coffee alone, invite your colleagues (it is useful both physically and emotionally).

  • On Monday, ask colleagues how their weekend went.

Believe me, this will become your business card and set the tone in your environment!

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