Performance one-to-one meeting with a personal touch and focus on results.

October - November is usually the time when managers discuss goals with their teams and have one-to-one performance reviews. And sometimes when we are busy, we run these meetings briefly...

But it can be the most insightful one-to-one if you will spend your time to prepare. My suggestion is - use this time to discuss career and personal development. Even if the official 'Development' meeting is planned for later.

If you are a manager, you can ask:

  • What was your team member's biggest win this year?

  • What do they want to achieve and where is your support needed?

  • How can you become a better leader for them? Share your goals with them and discuss any new company's learning initiatives (courses, mentoring circles, coaching groups etc.).

If you are an individual contributor, ask your manager:

  • What is their view on your achievements?

  • Share your learning goals and ask about any possibilities in the company to learn.

  • Share your wins (you've improved productivity or you have created an effective system of working with your everyday tasks or anything you are proud of).

And don't be shy, if it brings value to your peers, and the company - it's worth to share with everyone. Take everything from this meeting to have a clear understanding of what you are doing great, and what you can do even better.

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