How to Write a Social Media Post

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This blog post will help to give you invaluable tips of how to stay on track with your social media channels and developing your online brand.

Whether you are just starting out on social media or are just hitting a bit of a writer’s block. You’re in the right place! Collect your thoughts

Always take a notepad or digital notepad (such as Evernote) to write down your thoughts wherever you are. You never know when inspiration could strike, and you don’t want to forget any thoughts that pop into your head! Collect the ideas you think of and use them to create social media posts.

Remember that each social media channel is different, so keep this in mind.

As clarification, I have listed some examples to show you below;

· LinkedIn

Longer posts or articles are welcomed on LinkedIn.

· Facebook

Shorter but attention-grabbing posts are welcomed on Facebook, along with images and videos.

· Instagram

Instagram is based primarily around images and videos, so choosing the right picture and setting out your wording clearly is key!

· Twitter

Twitter is a platform for fast news. You only get a limited amount of characters, so choose wisely!

Research each platform and figure out which one you like using the most.

Top Tip: Also have a look and see where your ideal clients are hanging out online. This is hugely important as that is where you want to be posting, so they can get to know you!

Be yourself

Try not to write like a robot in your post, making the post bland and boring. Also, never ever copy and paste other people’s work – it’s very obvious to your audience and this will of course upset the accounts that have put a lot of effort into writing the post.

Just be yourself and add in your personality when writing. Make sure your topic reflects your values and have fun with it!

Presenting your post Make sure your writing is reasonably spaced out so your audience can scan read if they are in a rush, yet still absorb the information they need. You can even add images to break up the text if you are writing a blog or add an image to the post on social media to grab your readers attention. If you decide to use images, choose high quality, clear and aesthetically pleasing imagery. Pixelated, low quality or spammy images with no aesthetic won’t grab your audience’s attention and you don’t want them to scroll past your post just because of this.

Always be Polite

I know it can be difficult, but don’t take any challenging comments or questions personally in the comments section. Onlookers and other people will always appreciate that you have remained composed in a difficult situation. Always remember: you are posting about your opinion and nobody can judge you how you think, but always be happy to discuss this constructively with the commenter if need be.

And following on from this point… Ignore the Haters! It can be difficult, but it’s important to ignore aggressive and rude comments. They are usually trolls with nothing better to do, trust me!

I have found an article that shares an insight into this, so give it a read below!

How to Deal with Trolls on Social Media

Accomplishments Sharing your accomplishments is a brilliant tool that you can use to empower yourself and your audience. Also, recognise any accomplishments of others in your audience. Leave a comment or feedback to show your support. This also helps to create a community.

This is especially helpful if you manage a team of people. Make sure your team is visible and celebrate them! How much to Post Choose how often you want to post and create a content plan along with a strategy for your posts. Some social media platforms may need more posts than others.

As an example, because Twitter is such a fast paced online platform, If you would like to become more noticed by your followers you may need to post more than you would on LinkedIn for instance. It’s important to stick to this routine of posting. Consistency is key!

So what should I post?

To help you out, consider some writing about some of the topics below (you’re welcome)!

  • Personal challenges

  • What learning curve/difficulty have you overcome

  • Your personal story or journey so far

  • Post 3 or 5 interesting facts about you

  • Open a discussion of the advantages of work-life balance

  • Share some interesting industry news to reflect on with your audience.

  • Chat about training or courses that have helped you to develop your skills

  • Show your expertise by sharing tips and tricks with your audience

  • Share who you find inspiring and why

Content Plans When you don’t know what to post and you are struggling to find inspiration ..(don’t worry this happens to everyone)! You can ask your audience a question, share a video, article or even a quote that resonates with you.

Create a content plan by using the first tip in this blog post. Writing down all your thoughts as they spring to mind is so important as you can use these ideas every time you are having a writer’s block! Keep your Social Media up to date Ensure you keep your platforms up to date with all of your experience, hobbies, accomplishments, and activities outside of work! This adds in personality and allows your audience to have an insight into who you are. Side Note: You can also update your employee’s talent profile in your company’s internal systems if you are employed. Connect Follow your colleagues and widen your social network. It also helps to add your social media links e.g. LinkedIn, to your email signature if you want your peers to follow you.

Start a conversation when adding people, explaining briefly why you have connected with them.

For example: You could mention that you like their profile as it is highly informative.

Or mention a time you once met at a networking event (obviously only if you did meet at said event)! Call to Action

Always add a call to action!

Call to actions help your audience take the next step and it keeps them engaged for longer. Direct them to your latest blog post, article, invite them to comment and start a conversation!

I hope these tips help you to create an engaging social media post!

Trust me when I say that these exclusive tips will be invaluable to the success of your online presence.

Reach out to me if you have any questions by contacting me here!

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