Do not be disengaged by someone while you are transforming your career.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Imagine yourself just finishing the new course, acquiring new skills. You are super excited to apply for roles in a new area even if you need to start from junior positions. You want to be happy every day doing what you always wanted.

While you have interviews, you realise that there are employers not as much excited as you when they see you are switching to a new career in web-design after 6 or 10 years in finance.

Sometimes you can receive very straightforward, sometimes disengaging feedback: “It’s too late” or “Do you understand that you will compete with other applicants just starting their career?”

My best friend changed his career in his 40-s, to coding. He bought a book about Python, watched videos, had loads of free courses, and asked for advice from experts in this area. He was rejected many times until he got the job in one of the biggest multinational companies and finally landed the job he loves.

Yes, sometimes we can be wrong, we can change our mind and decide not to move into a new field, but it should be only our decision, not the person’s interviewing you.

Photo by BBH Singapore

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