Career Trends in 2021

I was a speaker at the Women’s Forum in December where I shared my insights about career trends in 2021. The past year has been extremely difficult for businesses and employees. So, in this blog post I will be exploring career trends and discussing how you can stay employable in 2021, along with how to keep yourself motivated and transform your current circumstances into new opportunities.

Firstly, what should we expect in the future?

Businesses are always experiencing new challenges and transformations which involve consistently changing their strategy and finding new niches to reach new audiences. Due to some these changes that businesses undergo, as an employee this means that some people unfortunately could lose their jobs, or in contrast would have to take on more responsibilities as the business evolves.

Due to the uncertainty that employees face as businesses evolve, this can lead to the following:

  • Career Changes

People will be looking for other career opportunities, especially while industries have faced difficult times. This means that there will be more people changing their careers in 2021 that ever before.

  • Hybrid Work Business Model

More employers will offer a combination of hybrid distant work with employees working from home and having a smaller number of employees work within their offices. Based on the Glassdoor research – 70% of employees preferred this model.

  • Mental health

Stress is a huge factor faced by employees during the current climate. This stress is caused by the ongoing fear and uncertainty of losing jobs, which can cause mental health problems. This needs to be taken into consideration as a priority throughout 2021.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Worrying about workplace diversity and inclusion is a huge factor to take in. According to HR Magazine “Over a third of workers (34%) believe COVID-19 has delayed efforts to improve diversity, inclusion and belonging in their company”.

Transforming the Current Crisis into Opportunities and Staying Employable

For so many people, staying employed and employable is hugely important, especially during uncertain times like the year we have had. Taking steps to create opportunities for your future self will need to be prioritised, so I have listed some ways that you can do this below:

Taking care of your mental health

If the past year has taught us anything, it is so important to take care of your mental health, especially as an employee or in leadership. This year, taking care of yourself should be a top priority, so here are some helpful tips to get you started:

· Communicate with friends and family as much as possible, even if they are far away.

· Make sure you have a self-appreciation diary that you fill in regularly.

· Move on and push past difficulties and challenges that you face.

· Most importantly - believe in yourself.

What to do if you have lost your job?

This is a difficult position to be in, as now people are faced with the challenging stages of the job search as well as the difficulties of the current climate. My tip for anyone in this position is to write about it. Once a week, set a task of writing an article or a post on ‘how not to hire’ from your leadership perspective. Please note, you do not need to mention that this is your own experience.

A couple of examples for titles of these articles could be:

· ‘How developing feedback from a potential employer can increase leadership skills’

· ‘3 Tips on how to transform your job search into a self-developing process’

So, why is this process important if you are looking for employment?

a). You will improve your online visibility to potential employers as more people will see your posts.

b). This is a rewarding tactic too, as it will help many other people in the same situation as you.

The Importance of Guaranteeing your Employability

Ensuring that you are employable is a huge factor for when it comes to being top of the list to potential employers. If you are currently unemployed or you are looking to change jobs, try implementing the three tips that I have provided below as they will help you stay employable for longer:

  • Know your strengths and how to utilise them.

  • Be open to continuously developing new skills.

  • Develop yourself outside of the workplace.

Work experience is important to an employer. However, we all know that everyone has lives, activities, and passions outside workplace too. These activities can include hobbies, volunteering or being part of projects with social impact. Potential candidates for a job will be looked at from different angles by an employer, and not just from their work experience.

Employers are always interested in getting to know the person behind the CV as well as their work experience. So, it is well worth having a think about whether you can show the employer the following:

· A project that you have completed or something you have achieved.

· An interesting hobby or passion that you take part in your spare time.

· Demonstrate the positive impact you bring to the industry you work in.

“ 122 executives were surveyed for the research of Ken Banta and Orlan Boston and said, ‘the activities outside of our everyday job improve our career’ “

While you are creating your CV to present to a potential employer, it is important to take into consideration that organisations can make the following conclusions that I have outlined below, just by looking at your CV:

  • That you have intellectual curiosity.

  • Whether you enjoy learning new skills.

  • What your values and passions are.

  • Whether you know exactly what impact you have for the development of your town, school, small businesses in the city, or the industry your work in.

  • If you know how to plan and manage your time effectively.

Diversity and Inclusion

It is also worth asking yourself this year; can you show an organisation or employer whether you are aware of how to develop your knowledge about diversity and inclusion? This is so critical, especially for people who manage teams.

It is important to know our biases and to work on them. To help with this, you should look to educate yourself in diversity and inclusion every day.

My tips:

  • Know and utilise your strengths as a leader in the community.

  • Develop your active position as an expert outside of your work.

  • Always post the information which really helps your readers. Ensure this is relevant, not vague.

  • By doing this you will help to improve yourself and have a positive impact on those around you.

Having an insight into what is coming up for us in 2021 is important so we can use our time wisely to be prepared for any uncertainty that may be ahead. The key to having a successful 2021 is to work on ourselves and build on opportunities that come our way. Concentrating on self-care and improvement will not only improve yourself, but also show your determination to organisations.

If you are concerned with what this year may bring or would like advice and guidance on your employment options I am always here to help.

I hope this blog post helps, and please feel free to reach out to me at any time by contacting me here.

Katya x

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