“Can you prove you are self-aware?”

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This question from the movie “Transcendence” (about Artificial Intelligence) tests the ability of AI to identify itself as a human.

So many people are starting to learn tons of valuable information about leadership, new skills, and how to manage people effectively. But all this will not work fully if you do not know: what do I feel? How do I behave in my “bad” moments? What do I love? What are my biases?

Without knowing and not understanding yourself, it is very difficult to adapt new things and move on.

Spend 10 minutes a day for self-reflection (plan 10 minutes for every day or a week and stick to this rule):

• Whom did I help?

​• What new thing have I learned?

​• What gave me the happiness at work/in my business?

​• What did I do today for my team?

If you are a leader, can you prove you are self-aware?

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