5 Mistakes that all managers should avoid.

Updated: Feb 13

Let me start this blog post off by saying that I know it is by no means an easy role managing people.

So, I am sharing the 5 common mistakes that managers should be avoiding at all costs, especially when it comes to managing a team of people and leading by example.

1. Messaging your subordinates during out of office hours.

Yes, this includes everything from contacting them while they are on holiday, late evenings, at weekends or while they are having days-off. If you do not respect your team’s boundaries, you appear as though you cannot manage your own time. When you ensure you only contact your team while they are at work or within their working hours, your team will appreciate that you respect their time and that they have their own life.

2. Giving feedback by email, not in person.

When you are giving your team feedback, always think about how you would feel if your boss or manager communicated their feedback of you with you in written form rather than in person. Leadership presence is all about listening, and making sure that your message is understood, not only delivered. When your subordinate is reading your feedback by email, you do not see their reaction or emotions and they cannot respond you to ask questions. I strongly do not recommend this form of communication, especially when giving constructive criticism.

3. Giving your feedback at the heat of the moment

Even if your subordinate made a mistake, it’s critical to take the time to calm down before responding. First, you don’t know the reason behind the mistake, and second, you could be wrong with your first judgement of the situation. There is so much that you should consider before responding to the mistake. Was there a miscommunication on both sides? Was the mistake due to an external situation? Make sure you have all the facts before you move on to a conclusion. Even when giving feedback, be respectful and clear.

4. Setting unrealistic deadlines.

You can sometimes set unrealistic deadlines without even realising it as you can be so busy yourself. However, telling someone in your team that you need something urgently, then adding in that ‘we needed it yesterday’ is not going to have a positive impact on anyone involved. Try not to put any unnecessary stress on your team who will already be juggling deadlines and tasks.

If you are giving unrealistic deadlines consistently – something could be wrong with your planning and prioritising. Consider setting up an online team organisation system using apps such as Monday, Asana or Trello. Inviting your team to collaborate can ensure the day to day running of the business is seamless and that deadlines are clear to everyone.

5. Doing everything by yourself.

Delegate, delegate, and delegate some more!

By assigning tasks, this helps to develop your team, shows that you trust them to take on more responsibilities, plus it makes your life much easier in the process. With the time you have free after sharing projects with your team, this also gives you time to learn something new for yourself and grow as a leader, being there for all involved.

Don’t fall into the routine of making these mistakes as a manager. When you respect your team, understand their needs, concerns, and give constructive (face-to-face) feedback you will see productivity soar.

Respect goes both ways, and a great leader leads by example. So, use these tips when you feel you can improve your management skills and you will be surprised by the results you see in return.

I really do hope these tips help you.

If you struggle with any of the mistakes I have raised above and would like to have a chat about how you can grow as a leader managing a team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Simply click here to arrange a chat!

Katya x

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