4 job search tips for Senior Managers.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The most effective ways to find your next senior role:

1. Networking and References

2. Executive Search Agencies/Recruiters

3. Social presence

4. Social Media presence (to ‘stay on a radar’ and be visible for recruiters). No job boards, senior roles are not listed there

1. Networking and References

  • Let all your trusted (senior/executive networking) know about your ‘Casual’ search. Specify the level of the role, areas of interest. Call them or message in LinkedIn (very personalized). The main reason for the search can be possibly the new challenge and increased level of responsibilities.

  • Get the ‘Elevator Pitch’ for such cases ready (90 sec of a clear statement of What you want, Why and Where) or a short draft of a message (+selling point of you as a candidate).

  • Connect with some former Managers if they were responsible for the large areas and follow HR Directors, Vice-Presidents, Heads of departments of large companies.

2. Executive Search Agencies/Recruiters

  • Contact Key Senior Partners from Executive Search Agencies with your Elevator Pitch to let them know that you are open to the new opportunities. They will put you in the list of the candidates, so before that your CV, LinkedIn Profile should be perfect.

  • Always stay in their radar – recruiters are great connectors and know the market very well, it is worth to have a chat with them from time to time.

  • Follow some Senior Recruiters in LinkedIn.

3. Social Presence

Senior Managers are also perceived by their social position and the impact they have on the community or the industry. So, I propose for longer-term to start to:

  • Speak at the events as a speaker (round tables, conferences, peer-to-peer learning groups, lunch and learn etc.)

It is all about your brand (we all have it; we just need to highlight it)

4. Social Media presence

· Utilise social media and do not underestimate its power.

· Your profile should be structured and visible.

Some numbers:

• The average CEO has 930 connections.

• More than 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.

Good luck!

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