3 questions to ask when you request feedback.

Have you noticed that our stakeholders try to be very polite and nice and moderate while giving us feedback?

What is it? Avoidance or something else - reasons are various. Another extreme – when people start to criticize you, and it is hard to turn it into action. Is it constructive?

But how do we ask for feedback? It matters too.

Before you ask the person to give you feedback give them a context – why you need it and what is your goal. We tend to put more efforts when we see the bigger picture and understand what the impact will be.

3 open questions which will help people to focus on their words and will give them some flexibility to stay in a safe place. And at the same time will help them to share what can be changed to better.

What did I do very well last year (month)? (Past)

​What do I do very well? (Present)

​What can I do even better? (Future)

Do not forget to clarify what is “Good”. Good luck.

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