12 steps to boost your energy during your job search.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A job search is exhausting. Do you feel tired and demotivated? Is your mood changing from bad to terrible?

You can try these steps to keep yourself energized during the job search process and to keep your life balance.

1. Sleep well, at least 8 hours.

2. Spend some time on physical activity. Several minutes of exercising every day make a difference.

3. Plan a specific time for applying to the vacancies. Do not spend hours surfing online, it eats your energy - you will be tired. It is better to shortlist 5 roles but every day rather than spending the whole day for applying to 50.

4. Spend 30 min on learning and update your profile with the new skills and certificates.

5. Have short breaks - leave your work desk for a while.

6. Helping another person looking for a new job is rewarding. If you know anyone in the same situation - talk to them and support. Sharing your experience can improve your mood and get new insights from your peer.

7. Do what you love (watch a good film, listen to favourite music, meet with your friends etc.).

8. Never take rejection personally (even if it is personal). Just move on. You will never know all the reasons behind the decision.

9. If you were rejected after the interview, ask for feedback. It can help you if it is constructive.

10. If you are not invited for interviews after a few months, re-shape your strategy. And if you struggle, consider professional help.

11. Ask your connections to endorse you and to put feedback in LinkedIn. Do not be shy, you need them.

12. Track and celebrate your progress every day. It is hard work, you deserve recognition.

If you are upset, let yourself feel it for a moment but not for too long. We all need some compassion to ourselves. Take a breath and move on. Consistency helps even in very challenging times.

Katya Kim, Career Leadership Coach

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