10 tips to stay focused.

Updated: Feb 19

Sometimes we need to prepare for an important meeting, to achieve a goal or to generate ideas. I am sharing my tips on what helps me stay focused even when it is easy to get distracted every day.

1. Assess your day.

Try to observe what you are doing during the day. Take a note in the evening. I have realised that I spent a lot of time reading the news. And it made me feel sad very often in the morning. So, I stopped watching the news in the morning. I still do it during the day with the limited time, of course.

2. Have a routine.

Everyday routine is the key to productivity, especially sleeping. Sometimes going to bed earlier means changing your family’s sleeping habits too.

3. Have a plan.

If you have a big goal, that is great. Just try to check the progress before you start the new week. Adjust and do not plan too much.

4. Split the tasks.

Do not try to do everything, it can damage your initial plan and your health. Prioritise.

5. If you spend too much time with your smartphone – try to reduce the screen time.

There is an option to set the limited screen time. For example, my phone switches off in a sleeping mode at 22.00 by 5.55 am the next morning. You can set the essential calls from your relatives or a few apps.

6. Turn off the notifications from non-essential apps.

Facebook and Instagram can wait. You can set the time when you check your messages, reply to your audience and post. But when you see notifications popping-up every minute – it distracts. Especially messages – think how many groups are you in? Do you really need to get notifications from all of them during the day?

7. Set the time limits for your tasks.

For example, you want to write a post, and nothing comes to your mind. Just leave it for the next day if you could not finish it after a few hours. Try to do something else and then come back to it again. Do not be stuck.

8. Breaks.

Even when you spend many hours generating ideas, working, or preparing for the interview – take a moment to have a break. Do yoga, breathing exercise or take a walk, something that you love.

9. Delegate and ask for help if you can.

At some point try to think: what can be done by another person, or who can help you? It can be anything: can you outsource proofreading, creating visuals and scheduling your content?

10. Be kind to yourself.

Try to find the right moment to focus. When you do home-school with your children, or when you do not feel well – just ask yourself: “Do I really need to stay focused on this task?” And just do not take too much on your shoulders.

Let me know if my tips are helpful, Katya

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