10 steps to get promoted and excel your career.

You apply for internal roles constantly, but it doesn't work. Try these steps to transform your career into a leadership flow.

1. List all the roles you want to be promoted to. Start with long-term plans, the big picture.

2. Assess your readiness. There are several ways to do it:

  • Ask your manager and peers for feedback. What do they think about your strengths, areas of development and potential to grow? Do they see you growing to the next level and if yes - when?

  • Start to raise your bar to a higher level. If you work on the project, ask yourself: "What would I do if I would be a Senior Manager?" Write down your notes, it can help you during the interview.

3. Talk to your manager. Ask what you need to improve to move forward? Their support is crucial.

  • Prepare your talking points (speaking about your WHY, what value you can bring to the organisation and your commitment to self-development).

  • Ask for feedback.

4. Start building relationships and be visible. The more people you know in your organisation, the stronger your presence.

  • Attend company's events (lunch-and-learn, breakfasts with the senior management, town-halls).

  • Subscribe to the company's social media channels.

  • If you have colleagues whom you have never met in person, but only interacted by email - find them and have a chat online or have a digital coffee-break.

  • Discover any mentoring, leadership, discussion clubs and choose the best to apply. A good mentor or a buddy will always bring the value by their advice.

5. Spend time on learning at least once a week.

  • Check the job spec of the desired roles or professional profiles and find out what do you need to learn. There are many free courses online that can improve your skills and bring more confidence.

6. Think about horizontal moves.

  • It's not a promotion, but sometimes horizontal move can help to get relevant experience before you move to a new job with more responsibilities. Especially if you want to change a function, a department or even a country.

7. Follow senior leaders in LinkedIn (managers' managers up to a management board).

  • The best platform to be visible online in a professional environment. You can like, share and comment on any relevant posts and also ask your questions. At least once a week.

  • You have a great idea that could improve your company's business? Start the conversation online and immediate feedback.

8. Speak to your colleagues or friends in the same roles you would be interested to apply for.

  • Ask them about their journey: what helped them to get promotion, who supported them and what was that critical moment that changed everything.

9. Be patient. Don't expect results in 1 month, give it some time.

10. Book a free session with me to discuss your challenge here.

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