Frequently asked questions

I want to change my life and not sure if it is only about a career, what can you help me with?

I can help you to get clarity about the goals you want to achieve and barriers that stop you from making a bold decision. By answering questions, you can understand what you want. You can book a call with me where you can already get some answers and identify the actions.

I need very concrete advice about my career, will I get it?

Yes. If you know what you want, and you want to discuss your action plan or a difficult situation – you can rely on my honest feedback based on my expertise. We can work on several scenarios, talk about all pros and cons, and choose the final one.

I want to be a better manager. What value can you bring me?

We will identify your strengths and areas of development as a leader using the practical tools and tests. We will also speak what does ‘better’ mean? And what leadership style you want to develop. You will practice how to hold difficult conversations, develop, and retain your team depending on your needs.

I am not a manager, and not sure if I am a leader. But I want someone to help me to make the right career decision. What service can I expect from you?

I help female professionals to achieve the flexibility of working, living and earning on their terms with balance and no limitations. So, if you want some of these – book a call and we will find the way together.

How does it work if I am ready for a change and want to work with you?

If you will think that we are a good match after our free call, you can sign-up for my 1:1 program for 3 or 6 months to expect a change. We will have regular video calls with some practice followed. I use coaching and mentoring in my practice, so you will have your full involvement in the process to achieve the result with all my support. Some examples of the topics we cover during our sessions: Identifying your career needs Understanding your goals Frustration, why change, why now Obstacles and challenges Identifying your leadership style and strengths Building your career strategy and action plan Building your online (including social media) and social presence (activities outside of your work) Influential skills

I am not sure if I am ready to invest right now into this. What would you recommend to me?

I would ask yourself these questions: What will I experience if nothing will change? What will I feel? And what can happen if I will make a bold decision and actions right now? How much would I be ready to invest to get the results I want? If you are not sure about the one-time payment: I have various payment options (monthly, weekly, or even daily) to suit all the requirements.