Do you want to achieve the flexibility of working, living and earning on your terms, with balance and no limitations?

I can help you.


Hi, I'm Katya Kim, Leadership Career Strategist.

You are probably a professional, interested in building your career. You started your journey very well, with loads of accomplishments. You are a hard-worker. BUT you don't get what you want - a more senior role with more responsibilities, rewards and job satisfaction. Your colleagues are promoted while nobody thought about you as the first candidate for the new role. What's wrong?

Or you are a senior manager and a self-made person. You want to step-up one level forward but still wait until your achievements will be recognised and you will get the dream job of a Director or a Vice-President. It's not happening.

Everyone recognises you as a good manager but you feel that your decisions are intuitive and chaotic. Sometimes you feel lost in leading your team, and there are so many challenging situations. You want to build trust with them to get better connection, engagement and results. But there are invisible barriers between you and your future leadership success.


Does this sound familiar?

You read loads of articles and books about leadership and career strategy, but still, it doesn't help. If your approach doesn't work, change the approach.

How I can help you.

I am specialised in helping female professionals who want to take actions towards their leadership development while not being pushy. I believe that you don't need to neglect your values to get a dream job or promotion.

Before starting my business, I worked for more than 12 years in HR at multinational Fortune-500 companies. For many years I have been working in HR and in learning and development.

I work with females who want to own their career and do not want to lose a single minute. They do not expect the employer to focus on them and invest in their development. With those who love a challenge and prefer to step-up. If this is you, I will be happy to help you.


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