Hi, I'm Katya 

It’s great to meet you!


I am a qualified Leadership and Career Strategist who specialises in helping female professionals to achieve the flexibility of working, living and earning on their terms with balance and no limitations.


I believe that you don't need to neglect your values to get your dream job or promotion.


​Before starting my business, I worked in the HR sector for over 12 years at multinational Fortune-500 companies where I found my interest in learning and development


Today, I am successfully building my career as HRBP and developing my business as a Career and Leadership Strategist. I help you to take action towards your leadership development, by providing invaluable support and the tools to reach your goals and achieve them.


My experience in pharma, IT, retail, and fashion gave me precious insights into various tools for building a successful career and leadership presence globally.

​Who I work with:


  • Women who love to take on challenges and whose goal is to step-up from their current role or career and make an impact.


  • I work with women who want to build their own their career, whilst also being able to spend valuable time with their families and close friends. 


  • Women that feel their employers do not focus on them fully or invest in their development.


  • A professional who is committed to building their business to the next stage and take control of their career.


Does this sound familiar?



Do you tend to read loads of articles and books about leadership and career strategy, but they still don't give you the clarity you need? If your approach isn’t working, it’s time to take back control and change your strategy.


Perhaps you started your journey on a high note, accomplishing and smashing your goals within the business. You are working long, hard hours but you aren’t getting what you desire: a promotion of a more senior role, with more responsibilities, rewards and job satisfaction.


While this is happening, you see your colleagues promoted around you, and wonder why nobody thought of you as the first candidate.


Or on the contrary perhaps you are a senior manager, and you want to step-up to an even higher role.

However, you are still waiting for your achievements to be recognised by your peers and your dream job of a Director or a Vice-President is just not happening.


Maybe everyone recognises you as a brilliant manager, but you feel that your decisions are intuitive and chaotic.

You can feel a little lost while leading your team, plus there are so many challenging situations that arise day to day.



You want to build trust with your team and achieve better results with more connection and engagement. But there are invisible barriers between you and your future leadership success.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.


Contact me today and we can discuss your options and start building the career of your dreams.

Let's chat

If any of these scenarios sound like you, reach out and let me help you become the success you know you are!

Simply book in a free 60-minute session with me directly by clicking the button below, where we can discuss your concerns, help you to get clarity and advice as well as find the answers to any pressing questions. 


I have also written a range of helpful articles, which you can check out by clicking here.


They will help provide clarity and strategies to help you with any aspect of your career you are struggling with in the meantime.

My Qualifications:

  • Assoc. CIPD (Level 7) (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK)

  • Registered Career Professional (by Career Development Institute, UK)

  • #IamRemarkable Facilitator

  • Social Enterprise Advisor (helping Windsor College, Creative department)