As a Leadership and Career Strategist, I help female professionals to achieve the flexibility of working, living and earning on their terms with balance and no limitations.

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Individual Consultation and Coaching

I provide coaching and mentoring 1:1 on leadership skills, self-confidence, self-effectiveness and self-development which helps my clients build their leadership presence and a successful career strategy. My coaching and mentoring programs have a duration of 3-6 months and suit individual’s needs.

Group Mentoring


As an active mentor and facilitator, I can facilitate mentoring circles for managers and individual contributors. This includes various working groups that enable you to work with a team. Such as, working parents mentoring circle, female mentoring circles and other groups of support.

Management Consultancy


I consult management on specific challenges based on their requests. For example, I help with pressing questions such as ‘how to become a stronger contributor to global projects and help your team to achieve the same’.


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My Story



Prior to starting my own business, I worked for over 12 years in HR at multinational Fortune-500 companies.


During this time, I became certain that working in this business was not for me.


Everything changed when I moved to the UK. 


​As I started my career in a brand-new country, I got the overwhelming desire that in addition to my career - I want something else.


This feeling persistently haunted me every day.


I would brainstorm ideas, read articles, blog posts and books, as well as speak to others and seek their advice to figure out why I had this urgency to change and do something that would bring joy to my career.


Unfortunately, none of this helped. It only worsened my condition.


I was completely overwhelmed by the huge volume of information I was taking in, combined with a lack of understanding of what I wanted.


Adjusting at work was far from easy as well.


I was continuously seized by moments of loneliness and fear. I began to doubt my love for working in HR - the industry that I had devoted so many years to.


In my search for harmony during that year, I started a new hobby and studied to become a graphic designer.


My plan was to ultimately combine work and my new hobby, with the possibility of one day taking on graphic design as a career.


I devoted a whole year to this and realised that my feelings did not go away, and I was still wanting to do something more. I doubted myself and despaired as I was stuck in this vicious circle.


Then I found a business coach.


My business coach helped me to break this circle, and over the course of 5 sessions, everything fell into place.


My coach revealed to me that I do love what I do, and the people around me.


The real issue was simply that I hadn’t given myself enough time to adapt to such a new life.

I demanded way too much of myself, which meant that all my fears were in vain. They were simply my speculations!


I do not regret any of my training in graphic design, as I met so many new acquaintances which turned out to be amazing mentors in the process, plus I learned so much. Not only about design, but also about myself.


Looking back at my journey it was clear that I needed to determine my career goals first, to help me find myself again.


I became happier and fulfilled the goals I set after every session with my coach.


Seeing the results coaching had on my life, I knew I wanted to help people.


Finally, I understood my purpose and what I am passionate about.